Interesting encounter

I had an interesting encounter with a lizard in our balcony today, so without any further ado let me delve into it -

I was there (in the balcony) admiring the beautiful evening in the balcony when I spotted a lizard resting on the ceiling. I exclaimed out aloud - Man your feet (all four of them) must be killing you fighting against gravity all day.

To my surprise the lizard exclaimed - what are you talking about? you are the one upside down.

That completely caught me off-guard I mean I am not the one upside down - clearly he was mistaken. My first thought was that probably the poor guy was having a tough time reconciling things, lizards are not known for their superior analytical skills or maybe he was smoking too much (could be the second-hand smoke).

I guess by now the lizard realized I was looking down on him. He said before my mind could speculate any further - Hey I guess your dumb-witted brain which has the power to only compute upto 4 dimensions clearly has no clue what I am talking about.

I am sure all of you would agree with me, that was insulting to all human race. We are being looked down upon by a lizard. Sheesh...

I stared at the fellow with extreme displeasure - That is rude man, I mean Mr. Lizard, if we are dumb creatures how do you explain the fact that we rule the world. We are on the top of the food pyramid you know.

Lizard - Mr Lizard? I do have a name you know but it would be impossible for you to pronounce. So call me Pedro. And I am not being rude, I am merely stating a fact.

Me - Fact? I still dont follow you, Pedro. I agree you might be the first intelligent lizard I have spoken too, rather the only lizard I have spoken too but how can you demean my entire race like that.

Pedro - Look I don't want to start about biology or anything for that matter, as I can see this is going to be a long conversation. You see I really got to go to this awesome barbecue my friend is hosting at your neighbor's balcony lighting. So in the interest of time let me be succinct.

You - and I mean the entire human race - are not the alpha being on this planet. You never were, we just ignored your existence like you ignore an ant - who I might add are fun to be with when they are not out on their chores which unfortunately happens only once a year. Anyway that is not the point I am trying to make. The point being you are a non existent for most of us maybe even a source of amusement to some of us. You lead an amazingly funny stupid life - you struggle all life for something and you die. Pray explain me what is the fun in that. Its so fucking amusing. Lets compare that with how we live our life, shall we? We only live to eat and party, I bask on the glory of life everyday - I enjoy watching sunset and at times the moon. I live my life the way I want it not chasing something intangible - what you call that pieces of paper you keep exchanging?

Me: Money?

Pedro - Yup exactly. Whats the fun in that? Whats the logic in that oh great alpha being? Well I am now getting late the moon is out and I would love to get down to my friends place. It has been nice talking to you, little human.

Me: Ohh ok, it was nice talking to you too Pedro. Will I see you again?

Pedro: See, why would you like to do that? I don't understand why do you want to see me. I am sure I am not attractive by human standards?

Me: No I mean would I get a chance to talk to you again?

Pedro: Ahh I forgot humans are limited to eye to eye contact when they are talking to someone. We can have conversations telepathically.

Me: Telepathically? Thats impossible...

Pedro: Sorry to cut you short my friend but I got to go. Have a nice evening.

That was the end of that interesting encounter. I am not sure whether I will get a chance to talk to Pedro again but I dearly hope I do.

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